Cheapest Choice of Road Trip by Bus to Johor

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Having a nice trip when you have a short holiday will be the coolest idea you should take to refresh your mind. You can also feel the breeze and beautiful view of a new place where you can definitely take to release your stress. You know that the work pressure and also some due date you need to fulfill will be the main ideas why you should take a new place as your place to be once you have some time off of work.

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If you are Singaporean, what kind of choice you need to choose once you have some time off? Well, if you still confused, you can always pick Johor, Malaysia as your destination. As one of the biggest cities in Malaysia, you can taste the new kind of foods, drinks and also lifestyle you can dive in. However, if you don’t want to spend too much money on this journey, you can always choose the bus to Johor as the smart choice.

Nice bus operator from Singapore to Johor

Taking the bus as the new way of having a nice trip to Johor is a good idea you should have because of the affordable price and also the coolest view you can enjoy with. What’s more interesting in having a little trip by the bus is that you can always enjoy the road view and having a little snacks and drinks once your bus stops to the rest area in the middle of the journey.

One of bus operator you should take as the best choice is the CW 3 bus operator. You need to pay for only SG $4 to have a full journey. You can take the pick-up point at Jurong East Interchange Singapore and arrive at Perling Mall JB. With this affordable price, you can always choose this one as the cheapest choice of road trip.

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