Isuzu Development in Jenkins Township

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America has decided that they are going to open a new training center in CenterPoint Commerce and Trade Park in Jenkins Township, and they have made deals with Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services as the property’s developer. The training center should be open and available in this summer. So, what are the possible effects of such establishment and development, especially to the local businesses?


The Positive Impact

Brian Tabel, the executive marketing director from Isuzu, is very sure and optimistic that the training center will create new job opportunities. For now, the CenterPoint has had 27 buildings with a total size of 6.75 million square feet. It has more than 30 tenants and the total employees working there is around 4500 people. Isuzu has positively signed the deal that they rent a property of 134,000 square feet, where they will use the 97,000 square feet for the part distribution center and the other 30,000 square feet for the training center (also known as the Isuzu Truck University). The modern concept is believed to bring a lot of positive outcomes.


Since the training center is designed to accommodate certified technicians to take advanced training for gas and diesel engine, as well as for internal mechanical components, Tabel is optimistic that local businesses can enjoy the positive impact too. It is a guarantee that the training participants will eat at the local diner, stay at the local hotel, and buy stuff from the local store, so not only the training center can benefit Isuzu, but it can also help the local business to grow and develop.


The Important Role

Positive praise and comments are also given to Rob Mericle, the CEO and President of Mericle Real Estate for his smart move in working together with a big brand like Isuzu. Some people even say that Rob Mericle and his company continue to create space for growing industries, with a deep focus on the local businesses.