The Fun in Traveling by Bus

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There are different means of travel and transportation, and each of them has its own benefits, challenges, and also downsides. When you want to travel around Asia, and you want to visit neighboring countries, it is best for you to use land transportation. Besides the fact that air flight ticket is pretty costly, you get to see the real lifestyle and culture in Asia – which is certainly different from the way of life in other continents. Renting a car is possible, but when you are rather short on cash, why not using the bus, instead?


Bus Riding Fun

Traveling by bus can be fun and challenging. You have the opportunity to mingle and interact with the local people – provided that you choose the economical bus. But then again, if you are traveling because you want to see how other people live and strive, then traveling by bus is your best option.


After all, a lot of these neighboring countries are pretty close to each other – such as Singapore and Malaysia. Instead of spending money on the airline ticket, you only spend a little for the bus ticket and yet you can get a lot of experience that will enrich you. After all, land transportation in Malaysia and Singapore is now being improved and made better. No more smelly or lousy fleet. No more poor performance bus where you may get stranded on the road because it breaks down. The government understands how important the land transportation to their tourism and economy, so you can be sure that each bus fleet is well managed – and they are pretty new!

If you are up for some challenges, consider traveling around by bus. They are inexpensive. They are reliable. They have their own schedules. They can reach tricky spots that other means of transportation can’t reach. And most importantly, they are comfortable and convenient.


Join Multiple Gambling Websites with one Registration in Bandarbet

HAMBURG, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 06:  This photo illustration shows Euro bank notes and a table soccer game on February 6, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany. Europol have uncovered evidence that hundreds of football matches were subject to corruption leaving more than 400 officials and players under suspicion of involvement.  (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Bongarts/Getty Images)

It is inevitable that some people make gambling as their passion. It becomes a thrill ride for them, and they can get some money if they win. However, entering legitimate gambling communities is difficult since they only offer games that take a lot of money to play. Fortunately, there is an alternative for gamblers to do their hobby by using the internet connection: online gambling websites. People can just enjoy the games from their screen wherever they are. Though, many famous websites also charge newcomers with an amount of money.

Using Gambling Agents

For those who do not want to pay, the problem is irritating since they only want to play, and it is not like everyone will always win cash. In order to avoid paying an amount of cash, people usually go to gambling agents, websites that offer free registrations to online gambling centers. There are already so many websites that provide this service today, but not all of them can be trusted. An example of a decent gambling agent is Bandarbet, which is an agen bola (football betting agent) based in Indonesia. This gambling agent is quite new, but it became well-known because it allows the members to play in more than one websites with only one account.

How to register

Anyone who wants to join Bandarbet does not need to spare a lot of time to finish the sign-in process since it is very simple. They only need to provide their full name, phone number, e-mail address, and bank account details. Before they proceed to submit the account request, they can choose what websites they want to play, but the selection will not be able to be changed. After the account is created, members can enjoy sports betting and online casinos.

Coffee Grinder: Burr or Blade?


If this is your first time dealing with coffee, choosing the right type of coffee grinder (เครื่องบดกาแฟ) can be quite challenging and overwhelming. What’s with the grinder, anyway? Can’t you just pick the already grounded one from the store?


The Basic Facts

After the coffee beans are grounded, a chemical process will happen right away. It is called salting – which can affect the taste, flavor, and also aroma of the coffee. If you want to enjoy the natural and pure taste of a coffee, you should brew it right away from grinding the beans. The longer you consume it, the more different the taste will be. In case you want to know more about coffee facts, click here at


The Blade Grinder

As the name suggests, the machine comes with a fan-like blade that is operated by a motor. It is not expensive at all; you can even find one with $20 or even less. However, the major flaw is that the blade will deliver inconsistent particle size. If you want to have finer result, you should spend longer time grinding the beans. And even after you do it, there is no guarantee that the results will be uniformed and consistent. This kind of grinder goes well with auto drip maker, but it won’t be too good for the espresso type.

The Burr Grinder

Most coffee experts agree that the burr type is the best grinders that are worth your money. Sure, they are more expensive – with a price range in between $70 and $400 – but you can have finer and more consistent particle size. The machine generally comes with several different settings, which you can use to control the grinding. The grinder can be electric or hand cracked. The hand cracked can be useful when you go on camping or when you often go traveling.

The Usage of Carrageenan

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Is carrageenan consumable? Is it safe? Won’t it result in intestinal or digestive problems? If you want to address these issues and have your questions answered, read on about carrageenan and its basic function in food industry. You learn more about the substance and you get informed in every aspect.


Food Processing Industry

Today’s foods contain so many stuffs – some of them are even weird. Processed foods, especially, have amazing stuffs in order to improve their texture and feel. After all, you can’t really expect the processed foods you buy to always look fresh. For instance, you may buy a chocolate biscuits with cheese fillings in it. But do you know the long process for the biscuits to get into your house? After being processed, they have to be transported to the main warehouse, and then transported again to the supplier. They still have to sit for days (even weeks) before customers like you decide to buy them. Get the idea?


That’s why most processed foods use additive. Of course, they try to find as natural additives as possible, including the carrageenan. So, what is carrageenan, actually? It is a natural extract from a certain species of seaweed that is used in food processing industry.

The Usage

Basically, most processed foods use the so called gums, which are similar to corn starch and gelatin for chemical additive (and yet it is totally safe). Their main function in the food industry is:

  • As emulsifier. They help the liquids staying mixed and not separated
  • As thickener. If you consume pancake syrup, marshmallow, ice cream, etc, you know what I mean
  • As stabilizer. It prevents ice or sugar from being crystallized
  • To change the texture. When a gum is added to the foods, it will make the foods chewier or thicker

If you want to find more information about the substance, feel free to browse around as there are many sources that you can find.


Excellent Service from Transnasional

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If we have heard about online bus ticketing, we must think about Transnasional where it has been the pioneer of online bus ticketing. With fast growing of technology, buses need more improvement especially in exposure both online and offline agency. That is why since the internet has been popular in last 10 years. Online booking has been number one business in traveling. It included this bus named Transnasional. Since the first start has given much impression, now it’s been developing rapidly to get more and more numbers of passengers. One of the good reasons why this company can grow so fast in term of this kind of traveling business is its good improvement from service to package. Indeed, there are various services from low-end to high-end. The variety leads good things in this company since tourists can choose to depend on budget and needs. The other reasons are below.

Wide reach

Transnasioal bus has at least 200 destinations and 1000 daily departures. It sounds awesome since you can imagine how big their exposure in this tour business. We all know that not all company can do such a good and massive thing but since online booking has been popular, it is undeniable that almost all buses have that big tour packages. Transnasional itself has the same departures with other buses like you can go from Golden Mile to Penang and other major cities in Malaysia with less than SGD 50. It is cheap price since you also can get joyful road traveling by the bus. With more than 200 destinations you can take the bus from anywhere you are. What you have to do is just only booking right the ticket from online booking and then make sure that you have done the payment well so it will be much easier to get the destinations with right times.

Is carrageenan bad or safe to eat?

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What is carrageenan

Carrageenan is a compound extracted from red seaweed. It is usually added to improve the texture and mouth feel of foods. Widely, it is used as an additive in foods that began in the 1930s in chocolate milk, but now, it is also found in yogurt, ice cream, almond milk, deli meats, soy milk and meal replacement shakes.

Is it bad when eating carrageenan?

Some of different group and scientists have been trying to get FDA for decades. they want to ban a carrageenan using in foods as It has potential damage and it can cause to the digestive tract. moreover, there is an argument that has been reignited with a consumer report and petition by the advocacy and food policy research group cornucopia entitled “How a natural food additive is making us sick” and then from study by Dr. Joanne Tobacman, M.D. a professor at university of Illinois in Chicago explained that degraded carrageenan causes gastrointestinal inflammation and all forms of carrageenan are capable causing inflammation. but the carrageenan that has been added to foods is degraded carrageenan whereas, undegraded carrageenan is not used for foods.

How can we know that carrageenan safe?

There is no data in human that shows a carrageenan can damage the health, but there are animal and data that do suggest it as it caused damage to your gut and exacerbate inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease. And some people remove it from their diet. Besides, common food that contains toxic ingredients companies like StonyField and Organic valley have removed a carrageenan from their products while others like white Wave Foods which owns Silk and horizon Organic don’t see a risk from a carrageenan and don’t have plans to reformulate their products with a different thickener. However, this is just an individual decision. you can consume carrageenan if you have no sensitive with it and if you think you have sensitive with carrageenan, just remove it from your food lists



Enhance your Bodybuilding Experience using Bio Muscle XR

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Today, people’s awareness of healthy lifestyle is already much better than decades ago. This is proven by the amount of time that people spare for doing exercises. Apart from wanting to get a good health, some people also do it to improve their body shape by training their muscles. Although it seems to be easy, not everyone is able to keep up with standard training schedules that trainers have created. Furthermore, the temptation to eat foods that are forbidden for the training is sometimes inevitable as well.

The Solution

Exercising needs a great deal of patience and discipline to produce the result that its practitioners want to achieve. However, there are also supplements that can improve the outcome and reduces the effort needed, but there is nothing that is safer than Bio Muscle XR. These pills can help those who have difficulties in working out by boosting their energy using the accelerated metabolism and digestion process. Due to that reason, the body supplement is also known to effectively eradicate a significant amount of fat that everyone does not like. It is deemed safe because it does not give any unwanted dangerous side effects.

The Ingredients

Bio Muscle XR’s success in helping people to gain the body shape that they want is not a miracle. Its ingredients can be found in nature, and scientists combined them to provide the best effect. The acai berry extract that it has offers more energy from the constant calorie burning done by the metabolism system while beta-alanine delays the exhaustion from training. Bio Muscle XR also includes zinc to treat fractured muscular tissues that are common in bodybuilding process. Lastly, l-arginine and l-citrulline provide a better blood circulation that results in a better stamina quality.

Is Carrageenan Bad?


Many people believe that there are some food ingredients that are not suitable to consume though it is often and widely used in food products since a long time ago. Carrageenan is one of it. There are many people that argue Carrageenan is actually inedible.

Though there are a lot of people who brings out theories about whether Carrageenan is bad or not, it has not been proven that the food-grade Carrageenan is harmful to you to consume. In fact, there is some misconception about the food-grade Carrageenan. A lot of people mistook it for degraded Carrageenan, which in fact, is not edible by the fact that it is processed particularly for industrial or factory products that are absolutely not for consumption.

What is the Difference between Food-Grade and Degraded Carrageenan?

There is indeed a difference between the two types of Carrageenan. In which one is edible and the other is not. The edible one is called food grade Carrageenan. It is made through a set of process to get rid of the bacteria and harmful substances to only leaving the extract that is suitable and beneficial to consume. The edible Carrageenan is in fact very good for a healthy diet. In another hand, the inedible one is called degraded Carrageenan. The degraded Carrageenan is specially made through the process to only enough for safe usage, but not edible. It is usually used in products like gel air freshener, shampoo, makeup products, and many more.

Though one of the both types of Carrageenan is inedible, it is definitely safe to use. It is one of the natural ingredients and does not contain harmful chemical or any other harmful substances. So, you do not have to worry when you see Carrageenan in one of the ingredients in your daily product.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing


One of the things that allow social media to become such an important marketing tool nowadays would be the fact that it costs much less than traditional marketing. Online networking can diminish your general promoting costs. Informal communities are a financially savvy approach to get your image before fans and planned clients. It doesn’t cost you anything to tweet a message, stick an item photograph to Pinterest, or advance a rebate on Facebook, so there’s no expense outside of your own time spent.

The Increasing Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media may cost nothing, but it is indeed largely considered as more effective than all the other traditional methods combined. Although it costs nothing, on the off chance that you do have the cash to contribute, these channels offer progressed however reasonable publicizing stages that you can use to target buyers with demographic, catchphrase, and premium based promotions. Online networking can affect also your SEO. With regards to affecting your site’s position in web indexes, you have to make upgraded and convincing information on the off chance that you need your area to seem high up on the query items page. By sharing this on online networking too, you can get before intrigued users who might visit your site, as or share your information all along informal communities, and connect to it from their own spaces. Search engines pay consideration on social signs such as this when they choose how to rank connections on the query items page.

Social media is a very effective marketing tool, but for new businesses, you should purchase followers firsthand because gathering them in the traditional way could be a very slow process that would require more resources than you currently have. Perfect Social Boost is one of the best providers of social media likes and followers. You can achieve a much more effective marketing at an affordable price. View its website at