Excellent Service from Transnasional

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If we have heard about online bus ticketing, we must think about Transnasional where it has been the pioneer of online bus ticketing. With fast growing of technology, buses need more improvement especially in exposure both online and offline agency. That is why since the internet has been popular in last 10 years. Online booking has been number one business in traveling. It included this bus named Transnasional. Since the first start has given much impression, now it’s been developing rapidly to get more and more numbers of passengers. One of the good reasons why this company can grow so fast in term of this kind of traveling business is its good improvement from service to package. Indeed, there are various services from low-end to high-end. The variety leads good things in this company since tourists can choose to depend on budget and needs. The other reasons are below.

Wide reach

Transnasioal bus has at least 200 destinations and 1000 daily departures. It sounds awesome since you can imagine how big their exposure in this tour business. We all know that not all company can do such a good and massive thing but since online booking has been popular, it is undeniable that almost all buses have that big tour packages. Transnasional itself has the same departures with other buses like you can go from Golden Mile to Penang and other major cities in Malaysia with less than SGD 50. It is cheap price since you also can get joyful road traveling by the bus. With more than 200 destinations you can take the bus from anywhere you are. What you have to do is just only booking right the ticket from online booking and then make sure that you have done the payment well so it will be much easier to get the destinations with right times.