Which Hair Extension Is the Best?

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Different people have different opinions about the so-called the best hair extensions. For some people, Remy hair extension is the best. However, others think that the virgin extension is the best, far better than the Remy. It is basically up to your preference and your styling needs when it comes to choosing the right quality hair extension.


Different Opinions

People have different opinions that are generally determined by their personal experience. For instance, if you are used to buying the regular and standard synthetic hair extension, having the Remy extension will be the best quality purchase that you have ever made. However, if you are used to having real human hair extension or even Remy extension, having the virgin real hair extension will be the best quality extension that you have ever done. Again, it is down to your own personal experience and usage.


Choosing the Right Type

So far, people think that Remy hair extension is pretty good in quality. When it is compared to the standard synthetic extension, you can tell the difference right away. The Remy hair extension is somewhat softer and smoother. It has this luscious feel with the right texture and volume. The regular synthetic extension is soft, but you can even tell that the texture isn’t as fine as the Remy one, simply by touching the hair.

If you want a better quality, the virgin real hair extension is your best option that is available on the market. It is made of real hair that is pure and not processed. It has never been dyed or processed with any chemical products. If you want a beautiful and silky outcome, you should pick the virgin hair quality.


Thinking about Your Budgets

However, keep in mind that quality comes with the price. The virgin extension is definitely the best option but it is the most expensive extension type that you can find. Remy is a more affordable option.