Cheapest Choice of Road Trip by Bus to Johor

Having a nice trip when you have a short holiday will be the coolest idea you should take to refresh your mind. You can also feel the breeze and beautiful view of a new place where you can definitely take to release your stress. You know that the work pressure and also some due date you need to fulfill will be the main ideas why you should take a new place as your place to be once you have some time off of work.

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If you are Singaporean, what kind of choice you need to choose once you have some time off? Well, if you still confused, you can always pick Johor, Malaysia as your destination. As one of the biggest cities in Malaysia, you can taste the new kind of foods, drinks and also lifestyle you can dive in. However, if you don’t want to spend too much money on this journey, you can always choose the bus to Johor as the smart choice.

Nice bus operator from Singapore to Johor

Taking the bus as the new way of having a nice trip to Johor is a good idea you should have because of the affordable price and also the coolest view you can enjoy with. What’s more interesting in having a little trip by the bus is that you can always enjoy the road view and having a little snacks and drinks once your bus stops to the rest area in the middle of the journey.

One of bus operator you should take as the best choice is the CW 3 bus operator. You need to pay for only SG $4 to have a full journey. You can take the pick-up point at Jurong East Interchange Singapore and arrive at Perling Mall JB. With this affordable price, you can always choose this one as the cheapest choice of road trip.

Places to Visit in Malacca: Nyonya Restaurants, Kampung Morten, A’ Famosa Fort and Wonderland Theme Park

There are so many places to visit in Malacca. Here, we will talk about four of them which you’d want to visit.

Nyonya restaurants

Want to taste Malaccan food? Less chopped and tastier food Nyonya food is a must try when you visit Malacca. You can’t stay hungry all day, especially when there is a great fusion food available, right? The Nyonya food in Malacca offers you a blend taste of eastern and western dishes. We recommend you to try dishes such as otak-otak, curry fish head, asampedasand  prawns soup. And yes, a meal isn’t complete without cendol.

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Kampung Morten

Want to take a selfie? Perhaps wefie?Kampung Morten is a great place to do so. Kampung Morten is a great resort and educational development which guides the tourists about cultural way of life and traditional life in Malacca. You can say that it is a living encyclopedia of Malacca.

A’ Famosa fort

A’ Famosa fort is the 16th century wonder and remembrance of Portuguese arrival in Malaysia. While there is not enough is left of the fort, the front still stands up until this day. You can find canons placed in front of the fort. A’ Famosa fort is one of the great places to test your photography skills. After all, it offers a view of a historical place with background of green trees and sharp blue sky.

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park is a good place you should consider. Especially, if you bring your kids. The Wonderland Theme Park is a great place to visit in all seasons. The best fun services of the place are speedy water slides and thrill rides. Also, the park is surrounded by a natural recreational forest.

You can reach Malacca by bus. If you are looking for a dependable bus service with reasonable price, you may want to use 707 Inc bus.

Convenient Travel to Legoland

You want to go to Legoland for the next vacation and the entire family is super excited to welcome the holiday. It is just a week away and you are getting prepared for the next trip that you are going to have with your family. With all the hassle and bustle of preparing your holiday (and also the trip), you just remember that you haven’t prepared anything for your transportation. Somehow, you forget to book a ticket to Legoland and now you are confused about what to do with it.

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Managing the Trip

There is no need to worry, really, because you can always book the ticket easily if you consult You don’t have to worry about any means of transportation while you are staying in Johor; be sure that the bus transportation will be enough. And how will you manage the bus to Legoland, anyway?

Well, you need to know that there are so many different options that you can choose from accessing the website. You can choose whatever pick-up (and also drop-off) points that will go along with your destinations and schedules. You can even manage a trip from Singapore to Legoland, in case you decide to visit the country first before continuing your journey to Malaysia.  In short, managing a trip to Legoland and to whatever destination you have in mind is super convenient, super easy, and super flexible. Not to mention that it is also affordable and inexpensive – and you can still expect a luxurious and exclusive service from it.

How to Manage the Trip

When you come to the website, you only need to provide the information about your pick-up points (and the drop-off points, if you want to). And then you will be given lists of available fleets, routes, and services, complete with the amenities, facilities, and other things. You can also choose the seats and the payment method that seems convenient for you.

Mersing and Singapore is Not A Problem to go anymore

As long as you use our service, we are at will always ready to help you. You can click to get more information about the route and the time to go from Singapore to Mersing and from Mersing to Singapore. you can handle your trip anywhere and anytime because teh fact is you can make teh reservation simply. You can cancel your reservation if you think you need it and you do not need to queue on the bus counter to get the ticket. What will you do when you come on the midnight to the bus counter and you find that teh ticket is sold out all?

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Think Smart

Well, this is a modern era. It is the time for you to know more about the technology and how much teh internet helps your work and your life. Therefore, easybook offers you the easiness from the internet. We help you to reserve online and make the online payment too. We help you with many things you need to prepare your trip to Mersing from Singapore. even if you need the round ticket, we are ready to help you with it. you just need to visit our site and we will help you to decide your schedule and let you know about the seat availability.

You do not need to wait for longer time to get your ticket because what we offer to you is the high technology system. We will help you to get the ticket in seconds because we have the fast response to the bus company about the ticket that available for you. What do you have to doubt anymore? All you have to do is only find your perfect schedule and select us as your best partner to Mersing.

The Easy Way to Get Bangkok Bus Ticket

Bangkok bus ticket_74264

It was never easy to get a bus ticket. Sometimes, you had to fight with the other passengers. No wonder, you had bad feelings whenever you want to travel by bus. However, it does not mean that you hate the bus. You still need bus since not every place can be reached by plane. What would you do now? It is impossible to avoid travelling by bus. You will miss many things. Therefore, you need to change your mind. Booking Bangkok bus ticket is easy. Whenever you need a ticket, you can get it without hassles. The answer is in your gadget.

  • Get Ticket Easily

Say goodbye to the long and tiring process of booking Thai bus ticket. Now, you can get any ticket in a blink of an eye. When you need a ticket to another part of the country, you can rely on online booking. You do not have to deal with a long queue anymore. This is the privilege for any travellers. Of course, it is easy to book the ticket online. You only have to visit the website and choose the date and the destination. After that, you can pay your ticket online by using your credit card. The process of booking a ticket is as simple as that.

There are more benefits of online booking bus to Bangkok. You can go anywhere you want. This is not a lie. You can go anywhere you want and choose the ticket. If you are lucky, you will get promo and discounts. It means you have a higher opportunity to get special price for the tickets. Next, you are able to choose any bus company you want. Just click here and there to find your favorite company and choose the date. Less than five minutes you can go with your preferred bus. Enjoy your trip with Bangkok Bus.

The Fun in Traveling by Bus

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There are different means of travel and transportation, and each of them has its own benefits, challenges, and also downsides. When you want to travel around Asia, and you want to visit neighboring countries, it is best for you to use land transportation. Besides the fact that air flight ticket is pretty costly, you get to see the real lifestyle and culture in Asia – which is certainly different from the way of life in other continents. Renting a car is possible, but when you are rather short on cash, why not using the bus, instead?


Bus Riding Fun

Traveling by bus can be fun and challenging. You have the opportunity to mingle and interact with the local people – provided that you choose the economical bus. But then again, if you are traveling because you want to see how other people live and strive, then traveling by bus is your best option.


After all, a lot of these neighboring countries are pretty close to each other – such as Singapore and Malaysia. Instead of spending money on the airline ticket, you only spend a little for the bus ticket and yet you can get a lot of experience that will enrich you. After all, land transportation in Malaysia and Singapore is now being improved and made better. No more smelly or lousy fleet. No more poor performance bus where you may get stranded on the road because it breaks down. The government understands how important the land transportation to their tourism and economy, so you can be sure that each bus fleet is well managed – and they are pretty new!

If you are up for some challenges, consider traveling around by bus. They are inexpensive. They are reliable. They have their own schedules. They can reach tricky spots that other means of transportation can’t reach. And most importantly, they are comfortable and convenient.


Excellent Service from Transnasional

Transnasional bus_7135153

If we have heard about online bus ticketing, we must think about Transnasional where it has been the pioneer of online bus ticketing. With fast growing of technology, buses need more improvement especially in exposure both online and offline agency. That is why since the internet has been popular in last 10 years. Online booking has been number one business in traveling. It included this bus named Transnasional. Since the first start has given much impression, now it’s been developing rapidly to get more and more numbers of passengers. One of the good reasons why this company can grow so fast in term of this kind of traveling business is its good improvement from service to package. Indeed, there are various services from low-end to high-end. The variety leads good things in this company since tourists can choose to depend on budget and needs. The other reasons are below.

Wide reach

Transnasioal bus has at least 200 destinations and 1000 daily departures. It sounds awesome since you can imagine how big their exposure in this tour business. We all know that not all company can do such a good and massive thing but since online booking has been popular, it is undeniable that almost all buses have that big tour packages. Transnasional itself has the same departures with other buses like you can go from Golden Mile to Penang and other major cities in Malaysia with less than SGD 50. It is cheap price since you also can get joyful road traveling by the bus. With more than 200 destinations you can take the bus from anywhere you are. What you have to do is just only booking right the ticket from online booking and then make sure that you have done the payment well so it will be much easier to get the destinations with right times.

The One for You–Easybook


It is not easy to get the best service from the service companies. Some of them are ignorant so that the customers do not get the best services. This fact is annoying. Sometimes you wonder, ‘Is it impossible to get perfect services?’ Well, you have not tried easybook, right? This website is one stop ticket box. Literally, you can get the best tickets for your trip. By using the features on the website, you do not have to search the tickets anymore. Just visit the website and you can get any tickets you need. This is great news for a traveller like you.

  • When You Need the Trusted Website

You know that the rate of Internet fraud is getting higher. Therefore, you need to protect yourself from those kinds of websites. Here, all you need is easybook. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied with their services. It does not take a long time to book a ticket for your trip. The procedures are easy to do. Moreover, the payment process is very fast and safe. You do not have to worry about the credibility of this website. If you need more convictions, you can read the users review. They gave high scores for easybook. You are in the right hand.

Now, this website also helps you to enjoy your trip to a further level. Have you ever heard about a premium bus? Yes, you are not mistaken. The bus offers luxurious services for the passengers. You would not get such services from the other companies. The bus is clean and comfortable. Moreover, it creates the same atmosphere as found in the airplane. You can imagine the situation. A steward/stewardess helps you during your journey. You do not have to think about purchasing food or thinking about your luggage. All you need to do is sitting and enjoy the trip. Say thank you to easybook.