When the Result is more important than the Game

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For strikers, a soccer game is a chance for them to make goals and collect them as many as possible. For goalkeepers, their goal is to make clean sheet records and stop all the shots from the opponent team. For the other players, they need to maintain how the game will go. They will try to control the ball to win the game. For the players, all the time during the game is very crucial. Every possibility could have. A team could win on the last minute or lose. The result could be important for them. It will help them win the trophy or the league.

How result of the is important for supporters

For supporters, the game is entertaining. Watching is amusing because we will see how the goals are created and how the goalkeepers do amazing saves. As supporters, we will be glad to feel like part of the game. If we watch the big game, we will feel like that we are part of the history. For supporters, we will feel proud about it. Besides watching how the game goes, the result could be something that we want to see. If it is a movie that we see for the first time, it could end happily or sadly. It means that the team could be losing or winning. If it means very important for the team, it could be the same for supporter too.

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