The Fun in Traveling by Bus

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There are different means of travel and transportation, and each of them has its own benefits, challenges, and also downsides. When you want to travel around Asia, and you want to visit neighboring countries, it is best for you to use land transportation. Besides the fact that air flight ticket is pretty costly, you get to see the real lifestyle and culture in Asia – which is certainly different from the way of life in other continents. Renting a car is possible, but when you are rather short on cash, why not using the bus, instead?


Bus Riding Fun

Traveling by bus can be fun and challenging. You have the opportunity to mingle and interact with the local people – provided that you choose the economical bus. But then again, if you are traveling because you want to see how other people live and strive, then traveling by bus is your best option.


After all, a lot of these neighboring countries are pretty close to each other – such as Singapore and Malaysia. Instead of spending money on the airline ticket, you only spend a little for the bus ticket and yet you can get a lot of experience that will enrich you. After all, land transportation in Malaysia and Singapore is now being improved and made better. No more smelly or lousy fleet. No more poor performance bus where you may get stranded on the road because it breaks down. The government understands how important the land transportation to their tourism and economy, so you can be sure that each bus fleet is well managed – and they are pretty new!

If you are up for some challenges, consider traveling around by bus. They are inexpensive. They are reliable. They have their own schedules. They can reach tricky spots that other means of transportation can’t reach. And most importantly, they are comfortable and convenient.