Coffee Grinder: Burr or Blade?


If this is your first time dealing with coffee, choosing the right type of coffee grinder (เครื่องบดกาแฟ) can be quite challenging and overwhelming. What’s with the grinder, anyway? Can’t you just pick the already grounded one from the store?


The Basic Facts

After the coffee beans are grounded, a chemical process will happen right away. It is called salting – which can affect the taste, flavor, and also aroma of the coffee. If you want to enjoy the natural and pure taste of a coffee, you should brew it right away from grinding the beans. The longer you consume it, the more different the taste will be. In case you want to know more about coffee facts, click here at


The Blade Grinder

As the name suggests, the machine comes with a fan-like blade that is operated by a motor. It is not expensive at all; you can even find one with $20 or even less. However, the major flaw is that the blade will deliver inconsistent particle size. If you want to have finer result, you should spend longer time grinding the beans. And even after you do it, there is no guarantee that the results will be uniformed and consistent. This kind of grinder goes well with auto drip maker, but it won’t be too good for the espresso type.

The Burr Grinder

Most coffee experts agree that the burr type is the best grinders that are worth your money. Sure, they are more expensive – with a price range in between $70 and $400 – but you can have finer and more consistent particle size. The machine generally comes with several different settings, which you can use to control the grinding. The grinder can be electric or hand cracked. The hand cracked can be useful when you go on camping or when you often go traveling.