Tgwastewater; Everything You Can Pick For Yur Septic Tank

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Are you looking for the right place to buy septic tank accessories? We are tgwastewater, the one that provides you good list for the septic tank equipment including treatment tools, accessories and everything you need for it.

We know that septic tank is the essential matter to care about. Picking the wrong treatment accessories and tools will lead to a broken waste disposal.

Septic tanks come in various types of size with 800 gallons to 3000 gallons. The older models usually come in 1 chamber only, meanwhile, the modern one has 2 chambers. The modern septic tank usually needs a pump-up system to pushed the water out.

How do I find the septic tank?

The septic tank is best located far away with the property. It is a little bit difficult to find it, though. If you can’t find yours, find out the 4″ pipe in the basement. The septic tank is buried 5-8 feet under the basement. If you still don’t get it, contact the a health department who keep the record up to 30 years.

Are there bacteria inside it?

yes, there is a lot of bacteria which helps the waste to be broken down the solid waste and turns it into liquid. Therefore, when you use too much disinfectant, you will kill many of good bacteria. We are tgwastewater have some products to maintain your septic tank better.

When should I get my septic tank pumped?

It depends on two things; how many people who are living in the house and the size of the tank. The best assumption of when to make the tank get pumped is around every 3-5 years. Besides, replacing some accessories like the covers and install risers are important as well. Find your best septic tank accessories and other treatments in our store tgwastewater whether you need the custom-made of risers or the fixed one.