Engaging with Instagram Pictures from Issa Asad

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The popularity of Instagram is quite promising for business. The users of Instagram are millions and it could be a great market for a brand. With Instagram, we could show our brand through pictures and visual story. According to Issa Asad, Instagram gives us power on the picture that we upload by telling what we can give to the audience. We can Get More Info about this topic on his e-books which are available on the Amazon. All his e-books are about social media and e-commerce marketing. We could learn from his and his e-books. Besides that, he has a great experience in business because he is the CEO of three companies in South Florida. Then, we could help how to engage to Instagram pictures more to make the business run faster.

Organizing Instagram photo contests

On Instagram, we do not only need to post pictures. We could try to make some interaction with the followers. We could make photo contests on Instagram. It will help us for not having a slow day at the office. The photo contests will help to make people more interesting to interact because there is a prize that they will get for what they give.

Posting photos of customers

When we have a commercial brand, we know how important customers for us and our business. Sometimes, the customers are felt that have been respected when they are involved in certain the business. We could post pictures which are about our target customers. But, we will need to post something that is still related to the brand the product. If we are running a business in fashion industry, we could put a photo of our customers who use our product. It will help people how great our product when they use it. It could make other people want to buy our product.


Issa Asad Business Profile

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You probably don’t know this, but you can actually learn a lot from other successful business figures. You may not be able to have direct access to them or talk to them face-to-face, but you can always come to their websites or other links that enabling you to get several useful tips and insight about the industry. Issa Asad, for instance, is a prominent figure in the telecommunication world. If you want to know his success and how he can achieve everything, you should go to his business profile or download his e-book.


About Issa Asad

If you are in the telecommunication industry, you should have heard about Issa Asad, the man behind most telecommunication companies’ success. Right now he is the CEO of Q Link Wireless, one of the companies that are participating in the Lifeline. Lifeline is a federal social program where they give out free cell phones and offer discounted services for poor families.


Before working in Q Link Wireless, Asad has led several top companies in America, such as X Change Communications and I-Prepay Inc. He is known for his unique methods and approaches in developing the company, as well as his unique view of the future potential of the telecommunication business. Asad has put a lot of hopes and expectations in the industry. After all, he has been in the industry for more than 18 years, earning him the expertise and skills about business in general and about telecommunication in a narrower sense.

Accessing His Profile

You can learn about the man’s life journey and his achievement when you come to https://www.crunchbase.com/person/issa-asad. Just like other professional business experts, he has a business page that gives information about himself. If you look here, not only you can get a better insight about him but you can also know about his many websites where he shares his insight and tips for better business development.