Buying the Custom Stone Coasters

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When we buy stone coasters, we know for sure that this coaster will be strong. Besides that, we will get a wonderful selection coaster which is made from beautiful absorbent stone. We do not have to worry that the custom stone coasters cannot be made with a custom message. The Love Coaster will give us custom printed with a logo or promotional message in the custom stone coasters. Then, we could use this for promotional gifts or wedding favors. The stone coaster is perfect to display a message and it will make a unique personalized giveaway.

Turkish fume coaster

We could order Turkish fume coaster for our promotional gift or personal souvenirs. This coaster is quite heavy and size is about 4×4 inches. It is made from natural stone which is the solid Turkish Fume one. The basic design of this coaster is gray with slight speckles which can give some color changes and variations. The material of this coaster is quite smooth. But, it is still a little rough if we compare it to gray Bluestone. To protect the furniture from the rough part of the coasters, the coaster is covered with cork on the back. This coaster can be ordered with a beautiful full-color graphic which makes it a great for our promotional gifts.

Bluestone Coasters

Besides Turkish Fume as the main material for custom stone coasters, we could choose the alternative of it, which is the Bluestone coaster. This Bluestone tumbled stone coaster is designed in dark gray. Besides that, the surface of the coaster is very smooth and even smoother than the Fume stone. This type of coaster is great for dark logos or solid black images. The size of the coaster is about 4×4 inches and it is a heavy weight. This stone coaster is also designed with cork on the back for the protection.