Philips Air Fryer Review 2016

Air fryer has been being the choice recently. Among all the brands and the models which are offered in the market, here are some of them which have more demands from the customers. Philips is one of the brands which dominate the demand of the air fryer. If you have not purchased an air fryer before, the following Philips air fryer review can give you some sights.

Philips Viva air fryer

The Philips Viva air fryer is designed in black. It has a glossy surface that makes it looks classy. The upper part is the heating components and the fan. The front side is to pull and push the basket. It has the temperature controller at the top. You can easily control the temperature from the 80-200 degree.

The timer is set above the handle. When the timer shows the time is up, it will out a sound. However, you cannot see the cooking progress because there is no window offered. The capacity of Philips Viva air fryer is up to 800 g. The 800g capacity of meals can be prepared in 22 minutes in 180 degrees.

The cleaning for the Philips Viva air fryer is also easy. You can just wash it like other kitchen appliances. With the design that is tall and thin, the Philips Viva air fryer does not spend much space. Despite of the design that looks simple, the Philips Viva air fryer does not have quite a big capacity.

Philips Viva air fryer is one of the air fryer models that is recommended for daily cooking. With the maximum temperature up to 390 degrees, it is doable for any kind of ingredients. You only need a spoon of oil, which means the oil needed is less than 4%.

Why Having the Decorative Landscape Curbing Work

Not many homeowners care about their landscape décor as most of them prefer to focus on the interior design. However, if you want to increase your property’s value as well as changing the appearance of your exterior side, you need to consider having a decorative landscape work. There is no need to have a grandeur or fancy work. Doing a simple change or transformation will be enough.


Decorative Landscape: The Idea

The idea of doing decorative landscape curbing is to improve your lawn and garden management in the simplest and easiest way. It is an innovative system that is quite flexible and doable. You can do it along the driveway. You can do it in the front or backyard. You can retain the soil or collect together the flowers. Basically, you provide a border that can be customized to meet your demands.


The most common type of such decorative landscape is the concrete border. The concrete is designed in a continuous way before it is finally stamped and colored. How it is colored or stamped, it is totally up to you. Since it can also be managed in a customized manner, it delivers a greater function and appeal.

Reasons for Hiring a Pro

In most cases, you need to hire a professional landscape contractor to provide the assistance you want. The reasons to hire the pro are:

  • The service is mostly affordable and it won’t hurt your financials
  • The curbing layout will define property lines, planters, and yards.
  • It can provide a permanent solution to any landscape problems
    Concrete is tough and durable. It won’t deteriorate, rot, or rust. It is also weatherproof.
  • It can help you to save precious time in weeding, edging, and mowing.
  • The design offers various types of stamps, shapes, and colors that will match any type of property style, décor, or theme.